Mimi Emmanuel

Looking for more happiness


Demotion because of disobedience

Everyone I ever meet is looking for more happiness. When Eve choose the sweetness over obedience she did so because she mistakenly thought that satisfying her curiosity and taste buds would bring her more happiness than she already had, with Adam following her sheepishly. Adam’s loyalty was clearly misplaced because he followed Eve’s deluded direction instead of telling her where to go. Had he said something like, Are you crazy woman, believing a snake? You know that we’re not to eat from the tree in the midst of the garden! We’ve been told to not even touch that tree, let alone eat from it. Who will you believe, a snake or your Creator? If we’re disobedient and eat from this tree, we’ll die!

Dire consequences

History tells us that Adam did not say anything like that; instead he also got his teeth into the forbidden fruit. Had Adam told his wife where to go instead of bowing to peer pressure, chances are that either one, or both of them would have looked that snake straight in the eyes and said, Hiss off you deceiver; in which case they would not have been kicked out and we might all still be living in paradise.

As we know their combined disobedience and delusion had dire consequences; it meant that they were both thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

The promise from the deceiver was that they would not die but instead be as gods. The reality however was that, after the pair of them put their hands and mouth in the wrong place, they were demoted and lost their home.

What Adam and Eve taught us

Following our primitive urges, such as satisfying a sweet tooth or giving in to peer pressure may give us instant gratification but the prospects for long-term satisfaction are nil. It’s a no-brainer really. Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise because of greed and stupidity. What we learned from Adam and Eve is that disobedience to our Maker gets us into BIG trouble.


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Author: Mimi E

Author of the Truth, Love and God Series. Live every single day of your life as if it were your last... because it could be. Your story creates your legacy; make it the best it can be! Visit www.mimiemmanuel.com for fair dinkum Bible studies and fabulous free resources.

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