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The greeting of ‘live for ever’

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Where does the greeting of ‘live for ever” come from?

The phrase, ‘King, live for ever’ is mentioned repeatedly in the bible starting around 3000 years ago when for instance Batsheba addressed king David. After this occasion the greeting of ‘live for ever’ is mentioned at least another five or six times when the king in Syriack is addressed and king Darius and king Nebuchadnezzar by different people at varying times and occasions.

A Royal Greeting

‘Let the king live for ever’ and ‘O king live for ever’ is how kings were commonly greeted in those days. This is in line with the promise from God for those who obey his Word. It is fair to say then that people who live for ever are part of a royal household.

May all my readers live for ever!



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One thought on “The greeting of ‘live for ever’

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