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What are my qualifications for writing a book on how to live forever? That is an excellent question and in some way also quite irrelevant considering that the information presented in ‘LIVE FOREVER how-to’ is not mine. It would be called plagiarism if it wasn’t that the author of the main book encourages his readers to share. The compilation of scripture verses in ‘LIVE FOREVER how-to’ are snippets of wisdom, collected straight from the source.

To put everyone’s mind at ease about my credentials and credibility I have the following to offer.

I read a lot and put what I read to good use.

Around ten years ago a cousin to whom I felt very close, came to tell me that he was going to live forever. He told me this just before he took his own life, a week later. His words prompted me to study living forever intensely for the next decade.

Over the last decade, I’ve read through the Bible most days to find the answers on to ‘how to live forever.’ That means that I roughly read around 1000 pages of the Bible, each year. I have distilled this information and intend to present this in an easy to read format of around 60 pages total, which can be casually meandered through within around ten minutes.

My background is varied and diverse.

I was raised a Catholic and married an atheist life saver as well as a Buddhist doctor, in that order and not at the same time. I grew up with brothers and sisters with wildly varying viewpoints and understandings of religion, the Bible, God and the church. My surroundings have been mainly secular inhabited by myriad good Samaritans. I have no hidden agenda nor a particular point to push across.

As a model I learned that imagery is deceptive.  As a secretary I learned that serving the boss comes first and everything else comes second. As a practice manager and director of a medical company I learned about suffering and my capacity for motivating others. As a wife and mum I learned that in the end the only thing that matters is just loving each other.

I’m considered a heretic.

Contrary to what the Catholic church preaches, I believe that God’s Word is over and above church doctrine. Because I was raised a Catholic and have been baptised into the Catholic church, the fact that I have different beliefs to the Catholic church makes me a heretic according to the Catholic doctrine.

Being seen to be a heretic according to church authorities means that my readers don’t have to be concerned that I’ll be injecting any kind of Catholic or any other church doctrine into my writing.

I am familiar with and respect worldly as well as religious perspectives.

Prior to reading the Bible I studied mysticism, practiced New Age disciplines as well as Wicca, Dzog Chen Buddhism and have come to understand the concepts of nothingness, yogic and tantric practices, enlightenment and states of bliss. This means that I am familiar with all different kinds of viewpoints and, even though I no longer participate in any of them, I respect those.

 I am not affiliated in any way with any manmade religion or doctrine.

I am not affiliated with any church, denomination, synagogue, temple or any manmade religion whatsoever. That means that my Scripture verses compilation is not coloured by any church or synagogue doctrine but is straight from the very source it came from; the bible, God’s Word.

I am an ace at how not to’s.

No further comment here, other than that I reckon in a round about way that this at least should qualify me for RPR (Recognised Prior Learning).

I love reading the Bible.

I enjoy nothing better than applying Scripture truths to daily life in a simple straight forward and no nonsense way. My greatest joy comes from sharing the peace and happiness that The Word brings me. I am anything but flawless and the Bible tells me that people such as I are qualified to receive and pass on Good News.

I occasionally read the news.

Every now and then I comment on news worthy events as the editor at the Lord’s Pub.

My Godchild and children teach me lots all the time.

As a mum and Godmother I’m supposed to know about certain things to do with heaven, birds and bees and so on. You can find me sharing and musing about these imponderables on the Babes and Little Children site.

I’ve got a thing for Instrumentals and old fashioned Dixie swing.

I know, it’s random but in my spare time I write lyrics for the band People is Grass which lives at itunes.

I’m head over heels.

I’m head over heels with the main character of my favourite book. I know that doesn’t give me any brownie points, just wanted to share that with you.

I know a few things about living for ever.

Although being a keen Bible reader on its own doesn’t necessarily qualify anyone for anything in particular, in my case it means that at a minimum I can tell my readers

a. Where the concept of living forever came from and

b. how many times this is mentioned in the Bible,

c. by whom,

d. and in what context.

e. Some of the main eligibility requirements for eternal life.

That is more than the average person will be able to tell you.

That’s a start.


all rights reserved copyright myemmanuel 2014

Author: Mimi E

Live every single day of your life as if it were your last... because it could be. Your story creates your legacy; make it the best it can be!

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