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Copyright and affiliates


About copyright

Scipture is to be shared freely however the creation of the pages, songs and videos and design of the graphics took a lot of resources, time, effort and the talent and skills of many different babes and little children. All content is therefore copyrighted and all content on this blog “LiveForEverhowto” including all pages, graphics, design and writing, all songs and video’s are ©myemmanuel.

Freely share

All these pages, graphics, design, writing, songs and video’s may be shared around freely for PERSONAL USE ONLY and  UN-ALTERED, as long as credit is given to the author as follows, “redistributed not for profit with permission  ©myemmanuel” I prefer that you send people a link because I this way I can correct typos and alter content when this is appropriate.

Better still, if you want to send any of the Scripture graphics to any of your friends visit Free Scripture Cards where with a few clicks of the mouse you can send free Scripture cards to friends and family.

Commercial use

For questions with regards to commercial use of any of the content on this blog, please contact the author by commenting on any of the blog posts. For hard copies of any of the Scripture Cards for personal use or wholesale, please visit Mosaic House.

Thank you

Thank you for respecting the copyright rules and for reporting any violations if you were to come across any.

About affiliates

Occasionally I partner with people because I like their products so much. This is the case with Self-Publishing School and Amazon and in time I may add others to this list. I only partner with people and companies whose products I enjoy myself. It is a natural human thing to do; wanting to share good things with each other.

However there is no guarantee that you will feel the same way or have the same experience as me, so join and sign up at your own risk.

Nor do I endorse everything my affiliate partners say and do; that would be impossible. I just enjoy their products and would like others to have the opportunity to trial their products and/or services so that they can see for themselves if it is a good fit.

Author: Mimi E

Live every single day of your life as if it were your last... because it could be. Your story creates your legacy; make it the best it can be!

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