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Book review – Mirage by Jeanette Grant-Thomson


Book review

A little while ago I joined the Australian Christian Readers Blog Alliance and I’m excited to let you know about a book on ‘ACRBA tour’ by one of our authors. Her name is Jeanette Grant-Thomson and her book is titled Mirage and printed by Ark House Press.

As soon as I heard about Jeanette’s book I contacted her and asked her if she would be happy to tell us a little bit more about the book and what inspired her to write Mirage. The following is what Jeanette shared with me.

Interview with Author

ME: Hi Jeanette, what inspired you to write a book such as Mirage?

JEANETTE: When someone you know goes away, even dies,  you sometimes think you see her or him in a crowd. Of course, you realise it’s someone else. But one day I thought: what if it really were the person? Someone presumed dead? then I mused on how this might happen.

Having interviewed a lovely, intelligent lady who’d been in a cult, and also having prayed for another friend’s daughter, who had been ensnared by a cult – for her to get out! – I realised this was one way someone could disappear. I was also deeply moved by the story the ex-cult lady told me.

 ME: How long did it take you to write this story from start to finish?

JEANETTE: It took me a couple of years to write. I did a bit of rewriting.

ME: How did the writing emotionally affect you?
JEANETTE: My emotions when writing it? I felt sorry for the heroine, Miriam, and empathised with her feelings because of the lady I’d interviewed. We both wept in the interview.
I got impatient with Miriam’s indecision at times though! I enjoyed creating Bronwyn and Steve her friend and the journalist who does an article on the cult.
ME: Which age group would enjoy reading this book?
JEANETTE: Women of all ages have told me they love Mirage. It is women’s fiction,  or for YA women.
ME: Anything else you would like to share?
JEANETTE: I really hope Mirage will continue to help people to understand the reason cults can suck people in, and to inspire Christians to help them out and back to wholeness.

About the Book

Miraim is desperate. Her mind is a fog of drug-induced forgetfulness. She has forgotten her past, her family, even who she is. But who is the disturbingly familiar girl in the shopping centre?

Enmeshed in Soleternity, a cult in the Queensland outback, Miriam is pregnant. She believes her future – and that of her baby – lies with the cult.

Bronwyn is determined to rescue Miriam. She has not bargained on falling in love with the journalist helping her.

Away from Soleternity, Miriam faces conflicts. Sol . . .Soleternity . . .and now Anna and Christianity. How can she know the truth? Who is to be trusted?


For the next two weeks the book will be available from the author at a discount for $20 only and this includes postage in Australia. Contact the author at to secure your copy.

Also check out Jeanette latest release ‘Lantern Light,’ at her Facebook page Jeanette Grant Thomson.

About the Author

Jeanette Grant-Thomson has been writing since she was a child, having short pieces published. Her first book was Jodie’s Story (Anzea 1991 and two later editions), followed by two more biographies and two novels. She is a teacher and a writer, living in Redlands.


Author: Mimi E

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