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Most FUN ever on the Huffy® Electric Green Machine

The Most FUN ever!

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Today was the day. We got to drive our green Huffy’s and had the most FUN we had in a long time!

My daughter and I trialed our Huffy’s on the Esplanade in our small beach side village and all we saw was smiley faces wherever we went. A few people asked us if we’re starting a new trend and I say “YES” to that.
People seemed to enjoy watching us as much as we enjoyed racing and sliding our Huffy Green Machines!


OK,  truth be told, my daughter was racing and sliding hers and I was enjoying riding behind her on my Huffy® Electric Green Machine.

When I was growing up, my brother had a go-kart and I wasn’t allowed near it, let alone touch it. I have some making up to do!
I intend to be sliding also one day but for the first few times, I’ll just be enjoying the breeze in my face, being able to lean back slightly which is comfy for my back and going as fast as 18 km/hour along our beautiful shoreline.


Oh, you thought that these Huffy’s were designed only for children? Well, you’re wrong. As long as you stay within the weight ratio, you can play like a child again also. I admit that I was thinking to pass this machine on to my Godchild but that looks unlikely after I had a play with it.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll let him have a go when he comes to visit.


Make sure that the tire is positioned equally around the rim. After we pumped up the tire for the first time, we had to deflate the tire and re position it before we pumped air in it again. You can feel with your hand when the tire is not positioned equally around the rim. As you can imagine, it doesn’t roll very well when that is the case.

Make sure that the Huffy® Electric is charged up fully before your first ride. We had thunderstorms in our area when we first charged the Huffy® Electric and this meant that we unplugged it after four hours. It did not perform very well for us with only four hours of charge trying to climb a slight incline.

Also, the Huffy® Electric has a safety mechanism which can kick in after a slide and this means that you may have to wait some seconds before you can get going again for your next slide.

We read somewhere that you can expect to get thirty minutes of sliding fun from one charge but we’re pretty sure that we got more than that. One charge holds thirty minutes of ‘drive time;’ all the ‘sliding time’ is bonus time.

The more you slide the longer you can enjoy the ride!


Sam and Jordan, my two 12-year-old-neighbours noticed the two huffy’s in our garage and didn’t say anything but their eyes spoke volumes.

“Yes, OK,” we said, ‘You can come back this afternoon and give them a spin.”


Did you hear their squeals of delight?

Today was the most fun we had in a long time. Riding along the Esplanade ourselves and watching our two neighbours having so much FUN!

Jordan: “Yeah!!!!! This is awesome!”

Sam: “I’m gonna get one of these and be riding them all day!”

Jordan: “I LOVE the drifting!”

Sam: “I can imagine myself riding this in 50 years!”

We asked Sam and Jordan which one is their favourite. Jordan likes the Huffy Green Machine best because he reckons it slides better.

Sam says that he is gonna get both and he likes the Huffy® Electric Green Machine  best. He finds the electric one easier because you don’t have to use your legs to move forward.

You can listen to Sam and Jordan here.

I like them both. The Huffy® Electric Green Machine is brilliant for just cruising along as well as sliding. Whilst the Huffy Green Machine is fantastic for a workout. I definitely recommend getting one of each!


I bought the Huffy Green Machine as therapy for myself and was given the  Huffy® Electric Green Machine to trial and couldn’t be happier with both. I do my workout on the Huffy Green Machine and when I’m done, I’ll treat myself by cruising on the Huffy® Electric Green Machine.
These machines are good old-fashioned FUN and versatile as well as affordable. We’ve had two twelve-year-old boys, a twenty-nine-year-old ‘girl’ and her mum all having equal FUN and enjoying the ride.

Can you remember when you dived off the highest plank in the swimming pool and the thrill of it? When you won the first price in the triathlon? Your first jump with your horse? It’s that kind of thrill, every time you drift and build up speed to drift again. Get one, you won’t regret it!


We’re already in November. It is nearly Christmas. Do yourself a favour and make sure that you don’t miss out. Go to Target today and order a Huffy® Electric Green Machine before they run out.

Names and places, whilst testing the Huffy Green Machines, have been changed for privacy reasons, but the events, description and voices are real.


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