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Mimi’s Favourite People and Sites

My Favourite People and Sites

My Favourite sites…where do I begin? i have so many favourite sites. Keep checking in as I keep adding favourite sites and favourite people.

Some of these sites are affiliate sites and this means that we are partners and when I refer a person to these sites I may get rewarded for this. I obviously only list sites and people here that I have tried and tested myself and am VERY HAPPY with. However what works for me may not work for you and your niche, so use your discretion when you decide to sign up or trial these services.


Help with publishing your book


It is with the help of Self publishing School that I became a bestselling author and published four books in one year! THANK YOU Chandler and TEAM. You’re the BEST!

You can watch Chandler’s free video series on how to become a bestselling author in three months. Chandler Bolt delivers what he promises.



Paul Brodie is the President of BrodieEDU, an education consulting firm that specializes in the development of literacy programs, motivational seminars for universities and corporations, and wellness education. He is also the CEO of Brodie Consulting Group, which specializes in coaching clients with publishing their own books and advising clients on branding, marketing, self-improvement and personal development. Paul is a multiple bestselling author who recently added a new coaching section specifically for authors. You can claim your free coaching call here.

Paul is an enormous inspiration to me and everyone he meets. If you’re after one-on-one, he’s your man!



Austin Netzley, founder of Epic Book Launch, has agreed to give you his Epic Book Launch Program at a huge 99% discount. For anyone else this costs $497, but you can grab it right now for just seven bucks ($7)! 66 videos will teach you how to successfully write, publish and launch your book even if you have no existing audience or marketing ‘know-how.’ Austin includes various ways to promote your book that are not mentioned by me. You can get access to his course here.

I have written four bestsellers and still learned HEAPS! Thank you Austin for this unbelievable deal.



Help with promoting your book


I love BOOKS GO SOCIAL. Laurence is a good sort and helped me promote The Holy Grail of Book Launching.

Books Go Social send emails to 100,000 readers each week. Their Facebook reader and author groups allowed me to reach 30,973 members to promote my book. And their tweets receive over 3.5 million real views in each 28 days period. What’s there not to like about service like that!

Their author services are top notch and with his help my book sold many copies.



Awesome Book Promotion takes all the stress out of book promotion because they will stack your book promo across multiple days for you on various sites. Your promotion will be featured on the homepage of the websites and also go out in that sites newsletters and social media. Code MIMI will get you a $15 discount from which will put your book on 5 sites and in their newsletters. Vinny’s promos helped me get many eyes on my books!


My friend Jenny at Fiverr will do a blast for you on more than 200 Facebook groups.

Jenny will also do eBook FORMATTING, eBook Design, convert to Kindle format, ePub and Pdf.

Jenny is my go-to girl and as far as I’m concerned is the ultimate Virtual Assistant. 



Help with marketing your book



Dave has the best resources and tools for self publishing writers. Check out his blog where he shares amazing resources and tools, such as for instance:  How To Create A Professional Author Page In Amazon Author Central,  How To Write A Compelling Author Bio, KDP Rocket will show you the exact book ideas that will make you money on Amazon and much much more! Not only that, he’s a real FUN guy too!




Jeff Bullas is one of the top global influencers, consultants and strategists on social media marketing. He has helped many people and brands become visible through the power of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Go to Jeff’s Resource page and follow his advice. Like seriously. If that’s all you’ll do, you’ll be doing real well!

I was in a real pickle one day and asked Jeff to help me out. He didn’t think twice. Jeff, you’re a LEGEND!




I honestly think that this is one of the best books on the market for advice on how to market your book. John has been at this for a long time and it shows. He truly is a leader in the industry and his book is chockers with information and marketing techniques. It’s a case of ‘get it, you won’t regret it.’


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Thank you and dedication

Thank you!

One of my mentors is a children’s author and I am much indebted to her. Thank you, Jenny, for your wonderful guidance and exhilarating workshops. I treasure the hours and days we spent mucking around with the letters of the alphabet, dipping chocolates in our drinks and just lazing about enjoying each others company and the English language. Jenny told me that when writing anything I need to have an audience in mind. Who are my readers and who would be interested in what I have to say? I have been rather confined for the last decade or so and therefore I imagine my immediate audience to be the people closest to me.


I haven’t read too many blogs so I don’t know if it is usual to dedicate a blog to anyone but I dedicate this blog to my brothers and sisters whom I love much and to my cousins and their families in memory of Les who told me that he will live forever.

Hey Monica,

This blog ‘Live For Ever how to’ (Mimi’s blog, this and that) is for you who tells me that the stories in the Bible are fairy tales, even though you’ve never read them. Sis, much as I disagree with you on that, I love you and yours much and can’t wait for your next visit.

This blog ‘how to’ is also for my sister Andrea.

Hi Annie, I know that you and yours are devout church-going Christians. And whilst we differ in our understanding of God’s Word versus church doctrine, GOD knows our heart and I love you and your wonderful husband and children too.

This blog ‘Live For Ever’ is for my brother Charles.

and his wife who both don’t want to talk about any of it. Love you, bro and sis.

This blog is for my brother Rick and his family.

Not being a churchgoer nor ‘believer,’ your warm heart arranged for an ambulance to take me on a five-hour ride from Noosa to the Gold Coast just so that I was able to attend a church healing event. I wasn’t able to make it to this gathering because of health concerns, but your compassion more than healed whatever needed healing at the time, all those years ago. In my heart bro, For Ever.

For good measure also dedicated to my husbands.

I also dedicate this blog “Live For Ever how to,” (Mimi’s blog, this and that) to my husbands, William the atheist and Roger the Buddhist. As it stands neither one of them expects to Live For Ever. At least not according to their belief and religion.
And no, I am not a bigamist nor adulterous. I have returned to my first love, am head over heels .. forever after.

And finally I also dedicate this blog to my friends, neighbours and children.

Live For Ever how to (Mimi’s blog, this and that) blog is also dedicated to all my friends and buddies. Many of them are either atheists, agnostics or what I would call good Samaritans with no religious affiliation but caring human beings with warm beating hearts and loving kindness pulsating through their veins.

I count my kind and supportive neighbours amongst my buddies. It is their lawns and paddocks which have fed my daughter’s ponies throughout droughts as well as floods, both of which we get plenty of here in Queensland, Australia. It is their pool(s) that allowed me to follow up on the hydrotherapy recommended by my physio. It is their glutenfree, and sugar/dairy-free cakes that allow me to indulge in sweets every now and then. It is their counsel and advice 

Last but not least, listen up my Godchild and daughters who are better to me than seven sons each; God’s Word tells us to teach our children. So here goes.

all rights reserved copyright myemmanuel 2014 – names and places may have been changed for privacy reasons