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Yom Kippur



My children asked me what Yom Kippur is all about, so it is for their sake that I wrote this book.

The questions that came up

1. When did Yom Kippur start?
2. What is Yom Kippur all about?
3. When do we celebrate Yom Kippur?
4..Can anyone celebrate Yom Kippur?
5. Is Yom Kippur just for Jewish people?
6. Can Christian people celebrate Yom Kippur?
7. Are we still supposed to be celebrating the Holy Feasts?

To be able to answer these questions I studied the Bible and pulled up references relating to Yom Kippur and atonement, repentance and forgiveness. I studied also how the  Jewish people celebrate Yom Kippur and found that rabbinical traditions do not always correlate with what the Bible, God’s Holy Word, tells us.

The Yom Kippur as described in this book YOM KIPPUR, Day of Atonement, is not written according to Christian traditions, nor is it Yom Kippur according to Jewish traditions.

The Yom Kippur that I describe in my book is the Holy Feast of The Lord. It is HIS Feast, not ours. We’re invited to participate in His Holy Feast.

This Yom Kippur book is based on the directions given by our Father and contains His Words about His Feast as well as (in Chapter Two) a description of Jewish traditions including the Al Chet (confession of sins).

Chapter One
Is Yom Kippur the Holiest day of the year, to be celebrated forever, and is everyone invited?

Chapter Two
Jewish traditions including the Al Chet (confession of sins).

Chapter Three
Biblical references

Yom Kippur book

Traditionally  on Yom Kippur the story of Jonah is read out to remind us of God’s mercy.

Jonah goes to Nineveh

Jonah goes to Nineveh settings quality on our screen is best on 240p but may differ on different screens and can be adjusted on bottom right of screen by adjusting the little wheel next to youtube symbol on the left

Jonah goes to Nineveh

When GOD told Jonah to go to Nineveh to give the inhabitants a chance to save themselves, Jonah tried to run away from the task that he had been given. So much so that he didn’t really care if he would live or die as long as he did not have to tell the wicked people in Nineveh that they could be saved.

As far as he was concerned they were bad people who deserved what was coming to them and he was not prepared to help save them from their fate.

Jonah tried without much success to hide from GOD; he was thrown out of the boat, swallowed by the whale, spat out on the beach and eventually did as he was told.

Jonah sulked when people were forgiven

Soon after Jonah delivered his message to the people of Nineveh they felt bad enough about their wicked deeds to ask GOD to forgive them. And GOD forgave them. This made Jonah even more upset than he had been before and he went to sulk outside of the city in the shade and told GOD, “It is better for me to die than to live.” Jonah wished death upon himself because he was so very angry that GOD forgave wicked people after they asked him for forgiveness.

Jonah experienced GOD’s compassion himself when he was forgiven after running away from GOD. And when he consequently was thrown into the sea and swallowed by a whale and yet lived. GOD even grew Jonah a large plant to shade him from the hot sun whilst Jonah was feeling sorry for himself. Yet Jonah struggled to understand why GOD would forgive evil people even though they showed some measure of remorse for their bad deeds.

Jonah felt sorry for a plant which withered but couldn’t forgive people who showed remorse after they had done the wrong thing.

GOD is merciful and responds to remorse

Jonah said “I knew that thou art a gracious God, and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repentest thee of the evil.”

The book of Jonah teaches us about God’s mercy and is read in its entirety during the Feast of Yom Kippor which is the day of atonement as mentioned in the bible.

Jonah – A Lesson in Compassion by Rabbi Dr Greg Killian

Rabbi Dr. Greg Killian tells us in his study “Jonah – a lesson in compassion” that “Yonah son of Amittai was the son of the widow from Tzorphath with whom Elijah the prophet stayed during the years of famine, and that it was this boy that Elijah revived.”

Yonah’s mother was from the tribe of Asher, and his father from Zevulun.

Amittai is derived from the Hebrew word: ‘emet’, meaning truth. From this we understand that Jonah (Yonah means dove in Hebrew) is a man of truth. Truth, as Jonah understands it, demands that evil never be overlooked; evil must be punished. Jonah is the “son of truth”, a man of unbending commitment to the truth. This may explain Jonah’s stance that evil must be punished. He was struggling to comprehend GOD’s compassion for evil people even though he experienced GOD’s mercy himself.

The story of Jonah teaches us to be compassionate towards one and other.

Jesus said, blessed are the merciful because they shall obtain mercy.



– re-posted  edited version from 2014 –


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What is the difference between Easter and the Passover?

Easter Buns
Priest calls for hot cross buns removal in Woolworths and Coles
too early for Easter

reprinted here with permission from the LORD’sPUB.

Hot Cross buns

Burnie priest Father Tony Kennedy said hot cross buns were originally eaten on Good Friday to remind people of the day Jesus died on the cross but they had lost much of their religious significance.

Sola Scriptura

We all have our traditions. Here at the Lord’s Pub we go by Sola Scriptura.  That means that we check against scripture to see what God and His Son have to say about it. Is this a valid way to verify things? Obviously we think so and that’s why we do it.

Others follow the tradition of the various denominations, churches, synagogues, or their Granny, mysticism, paganism, or whatever the TV or their mates dictate, etc. etc..

Sola Scriptura is just what we do here at the Lord’s Pub.


Tradition of Easter

According to scripture, around the time of the year that Easter is celebrated by Christians is when God told his people to celebrate the Passover and chuck out all their yeast. Not bake buns with it. Nor put a cross on it. All we’re trying to say here is that the Easter tradition of baking buns is not biblical.

We’ve never quite been able to figure out what’s so ‘good’ about the day that Jesus was nailed to the cross. Celebrating the day of his resurrection .. yes, I’m with you all the way. But celebrating the day He was nailed to the cross for our sins? No, sorry, I am hanging my head in shame for that one.

About Easter buns

But hey, I’ve eaten tonnes of buns in my lifetime, hot with lotsa butter and thought that each and every one was very delicious and possibly holy. Never gave it much thought really .. till I started to read scripture, Gods Word, the bible and now, I kinda lost my appetite for them.

Each to their own tradition. Here at the Lord’s Pub, we don’t do buns.

Below we’ll give some key words so that you can make up your own mind.

A hot cross bun, or cross-bun, is a sweet, yeast-leavened, spiced bun made with currants or raisins, often with candied citrus fruits .. They are traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

Good Friday is a religious holiday observed primarily by Christians commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.

Easter buns is another word for cross bunsHot cross buns are not mentioned in the bible.

The significance of Easter and the Passover

According to the Gospel Jesus rose on the third day after his crucifixion.

In the end of the sabbath,
as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week,
came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.
And the angel of the Lord descended from heaven ..
and said unto the women ..
He is not here: for he is risen ..

The Christian Feast of Easter

Christians celebrate Jesus resurrection on Easter Sunday. The word Easter is mentioned once in the bible in Acts.


The Biblical and Jewish Feast of the Passover

The word Passover is mentioned 72 times in the bible (26 times in the New Testament) with a command to commemorate it forever.

The Passover is around the same time of the year as Easter. People who follow God’s Word celebrate their main Feast of the year around this time. The Passover is celebrated according to biblical guidelines and correlates with the biblical feasts commemorating the story of the Exodus in which God’s people were freed from slavery in Egypt. God “passed over” the Jewish homes and spared the first born Israelites from the fate that was in store for their Egyptian counterparts.

According to he bible; for the duration of Passover bread without yeast is eaten; for this reason it is called “The Festival of the Unleavened Bread”. Matzo (flat unleavened bread) is a symbol of this Holy Feast which was celebrated during biblical times and still is celebrated by Jewish people worldwide today. You can go to Nehemia Gordon Wall to find a traditional recipe for Matzo bread.

According to Scripture

Summing up according to scripture about this particular time of the year,

Moses tells us in Exodus 12 about the significance of the Passover where a lamb is killed, roasted and eaten and the blood of the lamb struck on the posts of the door .. God’s people stand up and eat in haste, no time for the bread to rise .. as The Lord releases them from slavery, in the first month of the new year.

According to Moses,

And this day shall be unto you for a memorial;
and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations;
ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever …
It is the sacrifice of the LORD’s passover

According to Apostle John

Now before the feast of the passover,
when Jesus knew that his hour was come
that he should depart out of this world unto the Father..

Apostle Matthew and Luke

My time is at hand; I will keep the passover …
He took bread, and gave thanks,

and brake it … saying,
This is my body which is given for you:
this do in remembrance of me.

Apostle John,

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him,
and saith, Behold the Lamb of God,
 which taketh away the sin of the world.

From Revelation

And I beheld, and, lo,
in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts,
and in the midst of the elders
stood a Lamb as it had been slain,

Burnie priest Tony Kennedy and I have to differ on the religious significance of hot cross buns. We only differ because priest Tony Kennedy appears to be following Christian traditions whilst at the Lord’s Pub we follow biblical traditions and Christian customs don’t always correlate with what the bible tells us.

According to scripture, God’s Holy Word, we’re talking about a lamb .. not buns nor bunnies, nor easter eggs.

A Feast by an ordinance for ever

Some people say that Jesus’ crucification finished the celebration of all Holy Feasts. This maybe so according to Christian tradition but the bible tells me differently. According to Moses ‘ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever,’ and according to Jesus, ‘This do in remembrance of me.’ The bible does not tell me anywhere that one celebration cancels out the other.

In Exodus during the time of Moses we’re talking about a lamb being sacrificed in remembrance of deliverance from slavery and oppressors, and in the Gospels during the time of Jesus we’re talking about the Lamb of God who was sacrificed for the sins of this world.

For more on this subject read also, Why was Jesus crucified?

Which Feast, biblical or not, do you and your family celebrate and why? Share in the comments below please.


created in 2012 for the Lord’s Pub and edited and reposted and reprinted here with permission
April 2015 – copyright myemmanuel


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Jennifer Crawley, The Mercury 05 01 2012  9:10AM 101 comments
Exodus 12 – Passover a memorial forever, first month of the year,
The Lamb of God,
Call for removal of  hot cross buns, too early
Sola Scriptura,
Easter customs,
Good Friday
English folklore includes many superstitions surrounding hot cross buns.
Too early to get your Easter treats?